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On the Bodies of Orcs

Kirahti posted Oct 27, 14

The following is taken from a report addressed to Archon Glyllena


-recovered several items of note from the battlefield.  Currently being held for your inspection. 


K’ure naaru-charm

Unidentified black metal armor piece

Unidentified metal miniature saw-blade (OOC note:  PVE, the casters DO shoot those things >.<)

Strange orcish banner with a Draenei medal* pinned to it**, identified to be Warsong


*Medal the type given to Exarchs or higher ranking. 

**Granted due to difficulty status of the PVE mob that was encountered.  (fire burns, friends)

Attention Shadows!

A few pieces of information for anyone involved/wanting to be involved with RP I will be running this week!

A. Please remember that Watcher Maeorra’s funeral rites will be held November 1st at 8 PM server in Surwich! (8 PM CST/9 PM EST/6 PM PST). If there is anyone outside of the guild who would like to come watch/say goodbye, you are welcome to do so, please contact me for information.

B. In that same vein, Maeorra’s body is available for viewing for the rest of the week. This is an OPEN INVITE for anyone in the guild or friends to RP out a visitation in the game/SoA Fourms. If you also want, you can write it out and post it on tumblr. Tag either ‘kirahti’, ‘maeorra’ or ‘shadows of argus’. Maeorra’s body is being housed in the small building just after the windmill in Surwich. (single story house).


Now, this next bit’s quite important. It regards any pre-WoD plot that is currently starting/about to start up/currently running.

A. As stated last night, Xeula is wanting to run the pre WoD ingame-event ICLY. Anyone who is interested needs to contact her. Currently it’s not connected to what I’ll be running starting tonight (and possibly for the next two weeks).

B. There is an OPEN INVITE for anyone who participated in last night’s roleplay/tonight’s roleplay to go off and do your own thing with your character (rp in game/forums/tumblr posts) with the information/whatever is found tonight. BUT, THERE ARE SOME RULES REGARDING THIS.

1. If your character continues to search the Dark Portal battlefield and continues to find trophies on Iron Horde bodies every so often, they must be GENERALIZED draenic items. NO MAJOR SPECIFICS. DO NOT SHOW UP WITH ‘OH, I FOUND THE SIGNET RING OF THE PROPHET’ OR ‘I FOUND A BRACER OF YRELS’ OR ‘OH, I FOUND A MAP OF KARABOR’. NO.

2. BE CAREFUL. We don’t know fully what the hell is going on at the Dark Portal yet. We can only guess and jump to conclusions based on what is presented to us in game/current lore. I know this is going to be difficult considering we’re two weeks out (and desperation is starting to set in, I know, I’m in the same boat with you all), but we just have to hold on. Remember we’re working with generalized information.

3. Use the power of your character’s memory. These two weeks are a perfect time for your toon to rack their brains over what’s going on. (also a perfect time to start getting any ideas for WoD finalized). Did they lose somebody to the orcs (an automatic given, I know). How badly do they want revenge? Are they willing to just go ‘fuck everything, I don’t want to see what happened to our people ever happen again’ and throw themselves blindly into the portal? Are they going to prepare themselves? Write out wills? Spend time with loved ones if possible?

4. If you want your character searching the bodies of dead orcs-please do not have them continually find trophies on every single one. No. That doesn’t wash, and doesn’t make sense. Nor that every single day they go out there be a blazing success. Restraint is key.

5. Ideas for generalized draenei trophies are: Vindicator tokens (symbols of respective naaru/badges/medals), rosaries (like the two that were found last night), odd bits of jewelry/crystals, weaponry (again, restraint! A dagger/small mace/knife/what have you), small prayer charms, tail/tendril rings,etc. If you want to get a bit more gruesome, teeth/fingers/tendrils/hooves…eyes…(I ask a bit of moderation on the gore level if you’re going to show this to the guild on a whole).


Maeorra a posted Oct 24, 14
Communicators vibrated and pinged all over Azeroth - even a few abandoned in Shattrath and Outland. 

Lena’s message was short, but urgent:

"Your communicators have been updated with hearthstones to Surwich.  Be sure to bring your remaining supplies, and keep close watch over new members or noncombatants who may not have communicators.  We will gather in the inn there.  The Hand has agreed to take over the investigation.  Light guide you."

Lena had set hoof in Surwich’s abandoned soil a half hour prior.  Krastos would be arriving soon with the rest of their belongings.  She searched the small town, the few main buildings, and found them deserted:  no people, no bodies, no belongings, nothing, save dilapidated buildings.  It felt strange. 

The last time she had been here, the Devilclaw had been gathered here, apparently for quite some time.  Surwich had made sense when Lena decided on it, since the Devilclaw might be around to offer some refuge and protection if necessary.  Had she missed something when they came to Fortune Telling the last few times?  Did they move?  Was it forceful or voluntarily? 

Either way, the town was deserted.  The Dark Portal was active again, and in a strange way.  Once they were together again, they would investigate.  Lena nodded to herself, her heart warming at the thought.

Lena entered the musty inn, sitting just inside the door, dust scattering as she lowered herself onto the floor, spiders and rats skittering away.  She worked with her communicator, updating hearthstones and sending the coordinates out to members. 

When the message was sent, she sat quietly, concentrating hard.  A mental tally had started tabulating in her mind.  Hadeon had not been among them as they escaped.  Zimina.  Zrimgor.  Mosur.  Were there others?  Lena squinted and reached further.  Kyssandrith.  Lenneth.  Veri’s sister, Keialaar, was it?  How many others had not made it through?  To those she could, she attempted to reach out to their minds.  A brief message:  Surwich, might or might not make it to them. 

It would certainly not make it to Kyssandrith.  But she had an unsecured communicator.  Would it be enough?  Lena rubbed her sweaty hands on her robe anxiously.  Her hand shook around her communicator.  Would they have to go back to Shattrath to rescue their own people?


Glyllena a posted Oct 17, 14
The bed Lena had reluctantly claimed rustled as she sat up, covered in maps.  Her glasses were crooked over her eyes.  Glancing around the room, she straightened the eyewear and pressed her mind against the arcane barrier helping to cloak the building.  Satisfied that it held, she hoisted herself against the headboard, gave a large yawn, and resumed her scribbling on the maps.  Several long hours later, scribbling and fiddling with her communicator, whispering spells and cursing at the technology, Lena finally dropped back to sleep. 

She awoke again just in time to hear communicators all around the building ping softly with the updated message. 


It is time that we leave this place.  We cannot remain in this close proximity to the Aldor.  As previously mentioned, your communicator is able to conjure a hearthstone.  The hearthstone in your communicator will take you to a secured location that we have previously scouted.  You will be going to these locations in small groups, with at least one sword and board, one skilled in healing, and one tactical-minded member.  Noncombatants may be part of your group.  Take care of them.  Supplies will be distributed on the ground floor before we move.  Remember to take the packs that Buran distributed during our escape of the City.

Do not switch your groups.  We have chosen these groups for their strengths and abilities, as well as the need to spread the ranks and keep hope that the majority of us reach safety.

Do not return to your homes, to your own properties, to your own places of business.  The Aldor’s reach does not stop at the edges of Outland, and the Hand has the ability to search on Azeroth.  Everything you know will be watched.

Everyone must leave Outland.

We have no way to tell if it will ever be safe for us to set foot on this soil again. 

Take care with to whom you speak.  The supplies you will be given for the journey should suffice until we are able to reconvene.  There should be no reason to speak with locals.  Be careful around them. 

Keep your communicator on your person at all times.

We move out in four hours.”

Lena closed her eyes and made her way downstairs to help organizing supplies.  She pulled a hastily scribbled list from her pocket as she descended, muttering to herself as she read from her late-night planning. 

In each supply crate would be:
-Rations for up to 5 people to survive on for up to 10 days
-Bandages, ointments, healing oils, salves, and other first aid
-Money:  The equivalent of 1000 gold, be it divided into gold, silver, or copper coins

Communicators updated with:

-Basic cloaking and warding spells to be used at hearthstone locations
-Basic supplies for making offerings to friendly spirits to aid in the protection of hearthstone locations
-Maps of each safe house location, including areas to avoid and areas that are well-hidden

((YES, this is a slight change of plan.  We are aware that it shakes up a couple of things that have been mentioned already.  After the Archons had some discussion, we decided it was far too risky to stay within such a close range of Shattrath for so long. 

We purposely did not specifically assign groups, so you are free to find 2-4 buddies and decide on a safehouse location for your group.  Decide amongst yourselves who has what role, and feel free to RP it out here on Tumblr, on the forums, or in-game. 


The Light of Dawn

Maeorra a posted Oct 10, 14
Time passed slowly in these final hours. The occupants of the other cells of the jail had long since fallen asleep, leaving Maeorra alone with her thoughts. Some of these were fleeting; others played over and over in her head. The faces of those she'd killed seemed to stare at her from the darkness of the poorly-lit cell block. These were blank, expressionless, not even accusing or questioning. They simply stared at her. The accusing stares came when her mind's eye then beheld the faces their family and friends, some of whom had been unable to restrain themselves from outbursts in the courtroom. And these, in their own time, gave way to the cool, steady gaze of the panel of judges as their chief rendered their decision.

Death. There was no room for leniency in such a terrible crime, they'd said. There was no choice but to condemn her. There might have been, she told herself silently, if you hadn't been so bloody stupid. But such thoughts were useless. The jug had been smashed through carelessness, and no amount of regret could mend it.

Hoof-falls heralded the approach of one of the guards. He held his torch aloft towards the cell, casting a warm light upon her.

"It is time."


It was a fairly short ride out of the city. Talbuks carried the small party of Draenei away from Shattrath, the Aldori guards clad in fine, shining armor draped with the purple colors of their order. One of them, larger and stronger than the others, wore a full-faced helm, and carried an elegantly-curved axe that was clearly very old. It looked heavy.

The sky had already begun to grow light over the blue-green leaves of the trees that shaded the landscape of Terrokar, the purples and blues of first light creeping steadily westward as the reds and oranges of daylight advanced. The chirping of the night's crickets steadily faded away as they traveled, replaced by the calls of songbirds and the occasional snort from the talbuks. The party rode up a long, gently rising hillside to a rocky outcropping that dominated the surrounding area. From here, a few dozen yards above the forest floor, the tops of the trees were mostly visible, along with the gleaming spire of light that pierced skyward from the center of Shattrath, which loomed in the distance. To the east, the first rays of sunlight spilled over the clouds that blanketed the horizon.

"Well. Here we are. Let's get to it." The helmeted figure grunted. He said it very matter-of-factly, with no hostility, no pity, no scorn, no hesitation in his voice.

"We need to cut your hair. Hold still," one of the others said, even as he draw a crystaline sword from its sheath with one hand and reached out with the other towards the dull strands of snowy hair that draped down to between Maeorra's shoulderblades. It almost sounded ridiculous, but she knew the purpose was to ensure a clean killing strike. She made no reply, but nodded, and then went still, as he had requested. Deftly, he sheared away the hair in fistfuls , shortening it sufficiently to uncover the ash-colored skin of her neck.

"Easiest if you kneel." The man in the helm rumbled at her.

"Give me a moment," Maeorra replied. She stared out from the stony top, taking in the view. The sun crept slowly upward, now wholly visible over the clouds, casting its golden glow upon everything it touched. She closed her eyes; the faces of her comrades that she'd seen a few hours before, mostly in tears or struggling to hold back tears, were now the only thing she could see. She heaved a sigh, and forced the images away.

In their place, she drew upon recollections of their smiles and laughter, of moments far more dear. I love you all. And I am sorry. But you'll be alright. I love you all. She smiled, and drew a slow, deep breath of the fresh morning air.

"Alright. I'm ready."

Maeorra knelt, facing the slowly rising sun. A gentle breeze rustled the leaves of the treetops below as she felt the warmness of the morning's light upon her face. There was the sound of a deep breath being drawn behind her, followed by a whooshing as she looked out across the landscape. Immediately after came a sharp, cool bite at the back of her neck.

And then there was nothing.