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Operation Damocles

Maeorra a posted Mar 22, 15

Shadows of Argus have taken part in a larger offensive in Gorgrond; Operation Damocles, concieved by the Exarch Council and designed to soften up the region for an eventual assault, involves disrupting the production of the Blackrock Foundry, as well as put a dent in the Iron Horde in general, by severing supply lines and taking out supporting facilities. Shadows of Argus, in support of Damocles, were assigned to liberate a P.O.W. camp near the Pit. In this, they succeeded, only to learn that the teams assigned to other objectives in the region did not meet similar success.....

Sha'tari Defense

Glyllena a posted Feb 26, 15

A message blinks on communicators throughout the Shadows’ ranks.  Pressing the button would bring up Lena’s face, or rather, a hologram thereof, and her voice, speaking calmly.  

"Shadows. I have received intelligence that the Iron Horde battalions in Southwestern Gorgrond and Southeastern Frostfire Ridge near Bladefury Hold are still in operation, likely with intent to move again into Talador.  While we are unlikely to crush them in their entirety, our mission has always been to cause a little chaos."  The hologram smiles wickedly, "Please meet Maeorra and Vastania, as well as the Sha’tari forces that will be assisting you, at Fort Wrynn on Saturday and prepare to head out.  Our movements must be under cover, as swift and silent as have always been."  Lena’s hologram pauses thoughtfully, an indulgent smile crossing her face, "Yes, Tallgeez, Sevda.  That means explosives. Bring as many as can be smuggled into the area, and dispatch as many of the siege vehicles as you can.  Platoons are likely amassing, so the rest of you should be prepared for battle - hand to hand if necessary."

"I have alerted the medics at Fort Wrynn to be prepared for you should you need them, and supplies will be there as soon as Xaphias can get them shipped out."  She lowers her head briefly, something like disappointment flickering across it, "I wish I could go with you."  Lifting her chin, she speaks clearly again, "Light, Spirits, Elements, Elune - may they all guide you.  Fight well, my friends."

The message ends, communicators going dark.  

((Yes, that’s right - an IC rep grind!  We’ll be blowing things up Saturday night at 7 pm.  Keep in mind that rep rewards go down in a raid.  We’ll split into dungeon-style parties and attack from all sides.  Don’t forget your communicators and have your garrison trading houses built so the rep counts!))

Slumber Party

Glyllena a posted Feb 18, 15

Shadows:  We're having a slumber party!  Bring your snacks, games, sleeping bags, and more importantly, your stories!  

We have a kid on the base who sorely needs a little fun, and Lena needs to learn some stories for her child.  

When:  Saturday 2/21, 7pm server
Where:  The garrison
What to bring:  snacks, games, pajamas, sleeping bags, and your favorite draenei fairy tale*.  

We'll make a campfire and have a cookout and play games and tell stories to Lila.  For the purposes of this event remaining child friendly, be sure that games, stories, and general behavior remains PG-13 at most.  Or Xaphias may have to break you.  

*What do we mean by draenei fairy tale?  Take one of the fairy tales from real life and give them a draenei twist.  Retell a myth, legend, or fable from any real life/historical real life culture with draenei stars.  Or, better yet, make up your own!  

In addition to this in game event, we'll open up a writing event for best #draeneifairytale on Tumblr and the SoA forums!  


Glyllena a posted Jan 31, 15
Lena's response to Vastania's side, found here.
Lena’s mouth was hanging open as she looked at Vastania.  The Hand was dismissing her?  The nastily growing motherly impulse she had been developing recently tugged at her heart.  She tamped it down, taking a deep breath and looking at the Triumvirate.  These were the men who’d ordered the investigation, who’d kept her people on the run for months, who sent the Investigators.  She glanced sidelong at Vastania again.  She wasn’t as much of a threat these days.  In fact, she looked fairly broken with this new round of news. 

They had arrived the previous night, Lena scribbling notes for Kirahti and broadcasting a message to the Shadows.  The vindicator escorted Lena to Stormshield, to take the Alliance portals to Stormwind, but they found that the draenei from their world had managed a portal to the Exodar.  Lena and her companion slept at the inn, resting up, bathing, and dressing for the impending judgement.   And the Triumvirate had summarily dismissed Vastania, simply for … doing her job?  Vas had followed the Shadows through the portal, spent months, now, working along side them, reluctant to actually join them because of the conflict of interest with her original mission.  But there was hope, now…

Lena lifted her chin.  The three men before her she had rarely, if ever, encountered on official business.  Maeorra had been the one to deal with them, pleading with the Hand to allow Shadows to form, checking in with them to give updates on their work.  Her insides trembled for a moment.  She was still not great at this. 

“Whatever you believe Vastania’s vendetta against the Aldor is - I can assure you:  their sanctions on the Shadows were out of line, beyond reasonable.  We were restricted to our quarters on Aldor Rise, no one in and out, and our magics were tracked.  Vanfaalus had his own vendetta against us.” 

The men looked amongst themselves, and as they made to speak, Lena raised a hand, silencing them.  “But all that is far beyond the point.  You have had us under investigation for far too long, and for the wrong reasons.  You know as well as I do that Maeorra acted alone.  You know her character, after all, she was the one to come to you.  If there was anything that would have put all of us at risk, she would not have done it.”  Her voice was clear and strong, despite her knees going weak.  She wasn’t done yet.

“You speak of Vastania returning to you with her tail between her legs, but if the three of you would get your tails out of your asses, you would see that the work to be done, in the name of our people, in the name of the Alliance, is now on this other Draenor.  We did not flee.  We did not escape justice.  We lost a leader and a dear friend, and you accuse us of not living up to our responsibility.  We are the ones on the ground, we are the ones doing the work that you yourselves will not touch.  When you finally come around and get yourselves through that portal, you will see:  There is still work to be done, with or without you, and I am tired of your vendetta against us, and against your own investigator!” 

Lena’s last words rung around the crystal chamber, and the stony faced men did not so much as twitch a tendril.  She took a deep breath, her own face growing hard, “Our affiliation with you is finished.  We had your permission to form, and do work that you would not touch, but it is clear to me now that our paths are far too divergent.  You may be hellbent on staying on this “righteous” track, but we are through.  I withdraw the Shadows from your purview, including any financial, supply, or personnel support.  We have long been working on our own, and we are more than happy to be officially independent.” 

Lena glanced at the vindicator at her side who was looking pale and shaken.  “Vastania has an open invitation to officially join our ranks and continue the work she has been doing on Draenor.” 

She nodded at the other woman, then, giving one more look to the Triumvirate: 

"This is over.  We are finished here." 

She turned on a trembling leg and stalked out of the chamber. 

With the loss of their leader and the Iron Horde’s defeat at Karabor, the Shadowmoon orcs have found themselves being pushed into a corner.  The draenei of Shadowmoon Valley-along with their otherworldly kin and the help of the Alliance-are all too keen to hand what’s left of the orc clan a crippling defeat.

But there is a small group of Shadowmoon orcs that refuse to give up the fight.  Lead by an orc named Kelak, they continue their void-magic rituals and continue their raids for sacrifices-but instead of just snatching any draenei, they seem to be targeting specific ones.

Asked to help, the Shadows tracked a party of raiders to an encampment.  There they found the missing draenei were being killed and drained of their blood.  But not for rituals involving the void.  Instead these draenei were killed for an entirely different gift-the affinity with Draenor’s elements that they possessed.  Desperation has resulted in the Shadowmoon orcs trying to regain the blessings taken away by the elements.  Now they have learned that they can regain what they have lost by unholy magic, using the blood of would-be and current shaman to help them break and control the elemental forces.  They were able to save two sisters from a grim fate that night, and collect valuable information.

The Shadows then learned of another set of raiders was threatening Embaari Village.  Not wanting to take any chances, they launched a quick attack against the raider camp and were successful (though there was an explosion or two).  Able to gather more information in the form of orcish plans (and one captive), the Shadows were successful.  But they were once again witness to the brutality that their other kin were being put through-finding jars and vials filled with blood and body parts.

The threat is clear.  These Shadowmoon must not be allowed to continue with their crimes-both against draenei and the elements.  But with one captive in their grasp and a rough translation of the papers they found, it seems as if this gruesome plan has made it out of Shadowmoon.  Finding Kelak and stopping his fellows is now a priority…

(Shadowmoon Tango continues Jan 18th at 8 server with the event The Refugee Orphan)