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Hell Hath A Fury

Maeorra a posted Tue at 17:10
"I appreciate you agreeing to see me on such short notice, gentlemen." Maeorra stood in one of the Exodar’s towering halls. Before her, clad in shiny crystalforged armor, sat the three members of the Triumvirate of the Hand: vindicators Boros, Kuros, and Aesom.

"The missive sounded rather urgent, Watcher," Boros rumbled, his voice gravelly.

"It was. As I said in my writing, several of my people have come under attack by Suraja. In one of their homes, no less. They were minding their own affairs when she set upon them, and she hurt them. One of them, quite badly. I’ve come to ask for your assistance in this matter, because I am well aware that Suraja has a great deal of influence. But she is clearly unstable and power-mad. She raved over our communicators even while she pressed her onslaught against her victims that we, the leadership of the Shadows, ‘do not get to tell me what to do.’ That’s how she worded it. And we can no longer ignore the threat she poses, because it is now direct, and manifest. We demand an investigation into this matter, and we demand that she be stripped of her position and made to answer for her crimes."

Aesom furrowed his brow. "You are correct; Suraja does have a great deal of influence as Grand Deathspeaker of the priory, and also has many powerful friends. If we are to proceed with an inquest, there must be no doubt as to the veracity of your claims, Maeorra. And there must be no doubt as to the justness of your cause. We will investigate the matter, and open our own lines of inquery, but you must understand that such a delicate matter will take time. It will not be simple or quick to reach a resolution here.”

"Time?!" She snapped, narrowing her eyes and pointing an accusing finger in the general direction of the exit. "She gloats while one of my people lies in the infirmary. I refuse to allow her to threaten us in this way, and I -will- protect those who have sworn their oaths to us. I am here out of respect for her position, and yours, brothers, but I told Suraja quite clearly that I would kill her myself if she crossed us again. And I will keep my word, if there’s no other recourse. She will answer for this, one way or another."

The three nearly lept from their chairs in unison, but it was Kuros who reacted most quickly, slamming a fist down onto the table before him. "Listen to yourself, Maeorra, and think very carefully about how it sounds! We understand that you are angry, but we cannot sanction or tolerate a vendetta. That is not justice, and it will solve nothing. Let us investigate, and the truth will out. If Suraja has done undeniable wrong, she will answer for it.  But you must give us your cooperation, and you must allow us the time to proceed.”

Boros added, much more calmly, "You would do well, also, to consider that if you don’t, and you take this into your own hands, you will surely be branded a renegade, and we will be unable to protect you, or your people, from the outrage and reprisals that will surely follow. Remember that.”

Maeorra glowered at them, gritting her teeth, and then opened her mouth to speak, but no words came. Instead, she heaved a sigh and her expression softened. She dipped her head in acknowledgement.

"So be it."

((A continuation of the guild plot finale of Mists of Pandaria. Stay tuned!))

Laying the Past to Rest
This will be a 4 part series that anyone can get involved with at any point throughout the series. We'll keep track of the storyline progression in this here forum thread.

PART 1 – A Request for Help
Saturday, July 12 at 8:00pm server

Archon Xeula has been gone for nearly two moons. She left on a personal errand, refusing to give the other Archons any details. Earlier this week, however, she finally returned; showing up on Buran's doorstep, unannounced.

Tonight, she formally calls the order to headquarters. She will explain as much as she can and then ask a favor.

A Wrinkle in Time

Kirahti posted Jul 9, 14
"An island where time stands still, huh?"  Kirahti looked down at the letter she was holding, and then up at the notice board.  Between the Kor'kron, Iira's sword-forging, and everything else the Shadows had been rather busy.  There had been no time for exploration, and hearing about this island off the coast of Pandaria had perked the Auchenai's curiosity.  Maybe something like this was what the Shadows needed-a trip to gather information, to explore.  The priestess stuck the letter to the notice board, adding her own note beneath the parchment.

Seeking like-minds to come with me for two days to investigate this strange island.  There seems to be no threat of Sha, and perhaps we can find something that could be of use to the Exodar/Shattrath's research core. 

[A Wrinkle in Time takes place July 18th and 19th, at 8 PM sever!  See Kirahti for more details!]
Lena bustled into headquarters, tacking a note on the announcement board and peered into the room at her order, now staring at her, slackjawed and curious their conversations halted.

"We have work to do," she said, coming to rest at the meeting room, her hands on her hips.

"We have been personally requested to assist in a campaign in Stonetalon this week.  There are vast resources in that region, and we mustn't allow them to fall into the wrong hands."

Pointing around the room, she continued, "Those willing to fight, please see Maeorra or myself.  Healers and others assisting with the wounded, gather supplies.  If you need new or refreshed armor, see Hadeon, Gyllandre, or Eladea."  She narrowed her eyes, "Garrosh is defeated, but this Horde still works, still seeks control of the resources on Azeroth, starting with Stonetalon."  

She paused for a moment and smiled, "Our forces may be small, but our ability will not be denied. I trust you to not let me down."

Lena smiled again and turned on a hoof, gliding out the door of headquarters, on her way to secure supply transit.

For more about Bleeding the Mountain, please see these links:
((Note: This is Lena, reposting Hadeon's exact post from our forums for MAXIMUM EXPOSURE FOR A GREAT IDEA!))

Introduction and rules lovingly cribbed (with permission) from Venita's Site Write thread on the MG forums and modified to fit the purposes of the SoA Site Write Challenge. Some topics have also been borrowed from Tumblr questions; you are NOT allowed to reuse entries previously written.

What is a Site Write?

A Site Write is generally a short story you write on a prompt about a given topic/event/place/person/word/etc. You are simply asked to write whatever comes to mind and heart. There are no limits to how long one's story can be, but keep in mind we are not writing novels here.

Rules for a Site Write Challenge:

No pre-writing. (No reusing old entries.)
No rough drafting.
No redo.
Limited editing. (Grammar and the like, perfectly okay. Changing the story, no no.)

If you are participating in the Challenge, you must put at the top of your post, in bold, Entry #1 – and subsequent numbering. Posts for the Challenge should be confined to this thread.

You will have until Topic #7 to enter the Challenge; after that, you're welcome to write on any topic which inspires you, but you will not be counted towards the Challenge prizes. Those who simply want to write for the fun of it are welcome to write on any prompt at any time.

What happens if I miss a day?
That's fine. There are 7 extra topics planned to allow for IRL problems, writer's block, and other reasons why a day cannot be completed. If you think you'll need more than seven days of grace, pull me aside to talk about it.

Is there anything I can do to disqualify myself?
Yes. While we're not subject to the ToS and MG forum conduct rules here on our own guild forums, intentional trolling or harassment of other players will disqualify you. You'd have to try pretty darn hard, though, to disqualify yourself here.

Do I have to write about my SoA character?
Not always! I'd prefer if you spent a portion of your time writing about your Shadows character since this is a SoA Challenge, but there's times when inspiration just doesn't strike for them! You're quite free to write about your other characters and even in other universes once in a while.

What happens if I'm late in responding to a prompt?
There will be two or three which are given in good faith if you're late, but part of the point of this Challenge is to write a little every day so try to stick to the spirit of the Challenge, please.

What happens if you, Hadeon, are late in posting a prompt?
I've got a busy life too, so while I'll try to post a prompt at approximately the same time every day, it is possible that I will fall short. Should that happen, you have until I post a new prompt to respond to the old one, and you should expect to have approximately 24 hours between prompts barring problems on my end.

The goal of a Site Write:

The purpose is to stimulate your creative side by having you write about reactions, events, and the like we normally would not see in the character. Think of this writing prompt as a way to break between your storylines and give personal depth where you may have not had the chance to. It's a glimpse into the smaller moments of your character's life.

What do I get out of it?

Well, besides the chance to flex your creative writing skills and watch the improvement before your very eyes as you are challenged to come up with all sorts of responses to various topics? Besides the chance to flesh out your character's history and depth in ways you didn't expect?

How does 5,000 gold sound?

Any Shadows of Argus member who completes 30 days of writing for the SoA Site Write Challenge will automatically win 5,000 gold. (This is funded out of my own pocket - not the SoA guild bank. I am running this for the fun of the guild.)

The finale topic – for which only those who complete the Challenge may enter – will be an interesting and inventive topic for which you will have three days to think about and write on. (The entry need not necessarily be much longer than others, though it usually ends up about a third longer.) The finale stories will be shared with three judges who are not heavily involved in SoA itself – thus a little more impartial than letting the officers have at it – and they will select the finale winner. The finale winner may choose one among the following three prizes:

  • A mechano-hog
  • A 1-600 profession kit for a profession of your choice (this may require a few weeks for me to put together)
  • A prize of 15,000 gold

Either way you enter, you cannot lose. As the writer, you are going to gain so much more than just prizes. This challenge is to help you come out of your shy shell and be proud of the characters you put so much depth into, and to spark that creative spirit lurking in your mind that I know you have.
Xeula a I can help you gather things for the 1-600 professions kit if you'd like. Just let me know!
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