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((Note: This is Lena, reposting Hadeon's exact post from our forums for MAXIMUM EXPOSURE FOR A GREAT IDEA!))

Introduction and rules lovingly cribbed (with permission) from Venita's Site Write thread on the MG forums and modified to fit the purposes of the SoA Site Write Challenge. Some topics have also been borrowed from Tumblr questions; you are NOT allowed to reuse entries previously written.

What is a Site Write?

A Site Write is generally a short story you write on a prompt about a given topic/event/place/person/word/etc. You are simply asked to write whatever comes to mind and heart. There are no limits to how long one's story can be, but keep in mind we are not writing novels here.

Rules for a Site Write Challenge:

No pre-writing. (No reusing old entries.)
No rough drafting.
No redo.
Limited editing. (Grammar and the like, perfectly okay. Changing the story, no no.)

If you are participating in the Challenge, you must put at the top of your post, in bold, Entry #1 – and subsequent numbering. Posts for the Challenge should be confined to this thread.

You will have until Topic #7 to enter the Challenge; after that, you're welcome to write on any topic which inspires you, but you will not be counted towards the Challenge prizes. Those who simply want to write for the fun of it are welcome to write on any prompt at any time.

What happens if I miss a day?
That's fine. There are 7 extra topics planned to allow for IRL problems, writer's block, and other reasons why a day cannot be completed. If you think you'll need more than seven days of grace, pull me aside to talk about it.

Is there anything I can do to disqualify myself?
Yes. While we're not subject to the ToS and MG forum conduct rules here on our own guild forums, intentional trolling or harassment of other players will disqualify you. You'd have to try pretty darn hard, though, to disqualify yourself here.

Do I have to write about my SoA character?
Not always! I'd prefer if you spent a portion of your time writing about your Shadows character since this is a SoA Challenge, but there's times when inspiration just doesn't strike for them! You're quite free to write about your other characters and even in other universes once in a while.

What happens if I'm late in responding to a prompt?
There will be two or three which are given in good faith if you're late, but part of the point of this Challenge is to write a little every day so try to stick to the spirit of the Challenge, please.

What happens if you, Hadeon, are late in posting a prompt?
I've got a busy life too, so while I'll try to post a prompt at approximately the same time every day, it is possible that I will fall short. Should that happen, you have until I post a new prompt to respond to the old one, and you should expect to have approximately 24 hours between prompts barring problems on my end.

The goal of a Site Write:

The purpose is to stimulate your creative side by having you write about reactions, events, and the like we normally would not see in the character. Think of this writing prompt as a way to break between your storylines and give personal depth where you may have not had the chance to. It's a glimpse into the smaller moments of your character's life.

What do I get out of it?

Well, besides the chance to flex your creative writing skills and watch the improvement before your very eyes as you are challenged to come up with all sorts of responses to various topics? Besides the chance to flesh out your character's history and depth in ways you didn't expect?

How does 5,000 gold sound?

Any Shadows of Argus member who completes 30 days of writing for the SoA Site Write Challenge will automatically win 5,000 gold. (This is funded out of my own pocket - not the SoA guild bank. I am running this for the fun of the guild.)

The finale topic – for which only those who complete the Challenge may enter – will be an interesting and inventive topic for which you will have three days to think about and write on. (The entry need not necessarily be much longer than others, though it usually ends up about a third longer.) The finale stories will be shared with three judges who are not heavily involved in SoA itself – thus a little more impartial than letting the officers have at it – and they will select the finale winner. The finale winner may choose one among the following three prizes:

  • A mechano-hog
  • A 1-600 profession kit for a profession of your choice (this may require a few weeks for me to put together)
  • A prize of 15,000 gold

Either way you enter, you cannot lose. As the writer, you are going to gain so much more than just prizes. This challenge is to help you come out of your shy shell and be proud of the characters you put so much depth into, and to spark that creative spirit lurking in your mind that I know you have.

The Fortune-Teller

Kirahti posted Mar 10, 14
Twelve stones sparkled underneath the low light of a lamp-crystal, their colors a start contrast to the black velvet cloth they rested upon.  Silver runes and lines were embroidered upon the fabric, and next to the pile of stones was a torn scrap of parchment.  The symbol of the Shadows in full color adorned its surface-and as if powered by some mysterious force, the stones began to move.  A draenei female watches them-and as she deciphers the otherworldly message being shown to her, her face sets itself in a neutral expression.

"Change comes your way, Shadows.  Do you have the courage to face it?"

Open RP event:  Draenei Fortune-Telling!  March 17th and March 21st, World's End Tavern in Shattrath City, 8 p.m. server!  All are welcome!

(Any questions, please send in-game mail to Kirahti.)
Lena strode into headquarters, arms full of post held for the Shadows of Argus during their time dispatched to Arathi Highlands, which she dumped on the desk. She sat and began sorting mail for the order and for the Archons, occasionally pausing to read.

Kelrythis approached the doorway, looking chagrined and worried. Lena sighed, "What did you do to your bike now, Kel?"

The warrior straightened up, defiant, "Nothing! I swear! It's just..."

Lena pushed her glasses up on her nose and peered at the woman, "Spit it out, Kel. What happened? You were supposed to stay here and make sure everything stayed in order while we were in Arathi."

Kelrythis grimaced and stepped inside, her ashen skin going even paler as she whispered, "Halaa was sacked last night."

Lena was on her hooves in an instant, mentally scrabbling to reach the Archons. "The Shard of Xe'dri?" Shadows of Argus had entrusted its care to the anchorites at Halaa while dispatched to Arathi Basin, assisting Barthillas's people. Maeorra! Arloth! To HQ, now!

Kel's face fell even further. Lena now noticed how tired she looked, the new dents in her plate armor. "No... What happened? Kel, talk."

"It was a band of orc wolf-riders," Kel spoke quickly and quietly. "About 30 of them, they hit at nightfall." She stepped forward and handed Lena a small swatch of cloth, "I managed to tear this off of one of their archers before I mowed her down. You know I can't keep the clans and orders straight among the orcs," she spat as she said the word, displaying her distaste. "I don't recognize it, at any rate. It's clearly a smaller order. They rode well, they fought well. It was fairly clear to me that their lives have been spent doing such things, but this raid was different."

Lena peered at the cloth in her hands, the tabard bearing an unfamiliar set of colors and designs. It smelled of wet dog, felt stiffened by sweat, caked in mud. Looking back up at the warrior, Lena's face hardened. Maeorra and Arloth jogged towards the door behind her. Voices assaulted Kel all at once.

"They took the Shard?"
"What the hell do orcs want with a shard of a naruu?"
"Where did they go with it?"

Kel held up her hands, "Yes, they stole the shard. They rode right into the chapel and killed the priests. It was if they knew where it was. I was knocked out near the end, I must have passed for dead, because I woke up and they were gone. I called a few of our otherwise unengaged trackers in, but the only thing they could tell me was that the orcs went north. We tracked them briefly, but being mounted and with a considerable lead, they were far ahead of us."

Lena looked up at Maeorra and Arloth, her hand shaking, her mind slowly piecing together what must have happened, holding out the cloth, "Apparently, Taradiel was on a bigger mission..."

A new threat from an old rival is coming on Saturday, February 1 at 8 pm server!  The Sons of Doomhammer have stolen the Shard of Xe'dri and challenged Shadows of Argus, intending to use the Shard and draenei technology against us!  Stay tuned!

Ancient Memories

Kirahti posted Jan 30, 14
It was during the time of last year's Winter Veil that news came to the Shadows- news of a hidden cache of artifacts-precious treasures stolen from the draenei during the genocide on Draenor.  Several chests were brought to the Shattrath headquarters-and while most of them housed belongings from the clerics of Karabor, a lucky few among the Shadows of Argus found items that they had believed that were forever gone.

But there was one chest.  Sealed with iron and fel magic, it was a puzzle-what would the orcs have hidden away inside?  What demanded such protection...or such wards?  The chest was opened, only to reveal a beautifully carved statue of a draenei woman.  Innocent enough yes...

And yet the statue itself is a mystery.  To begin with, she has six arms-two hands wielding weapons, another two making holy gestures, and the final two holding relics.  She dances atop what appears to be a Pit Lord's corpse, and all those in the Shadows who have gazed upon her...she seems to look directly back at them, offering sly smiles, sultry winks, or whispers.  The stone she is carved out of comes from Argus-but as for what she represents-it has been a puzzle so far.

What is this statue?  Why does it act so?  What caused the orcs to lock it away? And what else can be found in the hands of the Ethereals that was stolen from the draenei? 

[OOC:  Ancient Memories starts Feb 3rd!  Post any questions or comments you've got here!]
That’s right! Starting Sunday, February 2, I’ll be returning to my previous post as an Officer for Shadows of Argus. Huzzah!

My primary focuses will be on Member Care, small scale RP planning, and lots of admin and organizational stuff.

Here are some examples of the kinds of things I’ll be doing:

  • Asking you guys questions, getting a feel for how the guild is running from your perspectives and seeing what we can do to make improvements so that life in SoA keeps getting better and better. I love me some feedback.
  • Helping you get involved in RP, whether it’s brainstorming backstory ideas, helping you find a place in a guild storyline where your character can jump in, giving you something to do ICly, or simply introducing your character around ICly. Whatever you need, I’ll do my best to help.
  • Planning casual RP events, these one-off events include IC celebrations, sports, lessons etc. and will be designed to help your character get to know other characters a bit better in a low pressure RP environment.
  • Organization and communication, lots of admin stuffs — some of it will be obvious (reorganizing the forums, for instance), some of it less obvious behind the scenes stuff. I’ll also do my best to organize the collective thoughts of the Officer team and make sure to communicate whatever’s relevant with you guys so that you know what we’re up to.

Here are some examples of things that I won’t be doing:

  • Regular PvE and PvP, as much as I’d like to be able to do it all, I need to keep my focus on RP and Member Care otherwise I’ll burn out. :) That being said, I do plan on attending as many RBG nights as possible.
  • Planning overarching storylines for the Guild, the other Officers, along with the Shields, have been managing the big storylines quite well so far. My job will be making it easier for people to know when/where/how to jump in for the most part.

We will be holding an Archon promotion ceremony for Xeula ICly this Sunday, February 2, in place of our usual Sunday night Conclave of Shadows gathering.

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments about this change, feel free to post in this thread.
Do you have a personal story line that you'd like to play out for your character? [link] Let's do it!
I'm out for most of the weekend. See you guys on Monday! :)
There seems to be an event up on the 21st. Sadly, I can't make it to that one due to that being my flex raid night.
Are there RBGs tonight?
The Great Hunt event is coming up fast. We need volunteers! Post your ideas and let us know how you're able to help: [link] Thanks!
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